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03/12/2018 06:01
by MetalMick99


 In oStorybook 5.04.01 I  have created a character.
In the "Description" tab of the Character dossier, I have tried inserting an image from my library. The image is a jpg.
The screenshot shows some information and a box for the image, but no image.
I've assumed jpg would be an acceptable file format. In the belief that there may be a problem with the filename, I tried another version of the image (images.jpeg), and received much the same result. I have tried exiting and reloading oStroybook.
I have also tried inserting the image in the "Notes" tab of the same dialogue box, and obtained the same result.
I'm keen to insert an image or two of the character - I obtain images of actors from IMDB and base my character's look on them. This helps me describe them during the story.
Am I going about this in the wrong way, or is it possibly a bug?
Michael P
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Answer n° 1
03/12/2018 06:02
by MetalMick99


I forgot to mention that I'm using oStorybook in Linux Mint 18.3
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Answer n° 2
03/12/2018 09:08
by favdb


Hello Michael,

I didn't find any bugs. However, some precautions must be taken, the system for inserting an image is very rustic.
First of all, group your images in the same sub-folder, for example an "image" sub-folder in the folder where your book is located.
Then, be sure to pay attention to the size of the image. If it is too large, the vertical scrolling system may not work. I recommend a maximum size of 1024x800. That being said, you can adjust the size in the dialog box when inserting the image, or by modifying it directly in the HTML code (see in the lower tab "HTML").
In version 6, which I am still developing, there will be the possibility to customize the character icon. I am also considering adding an "Image Gallery" function for the Persons, Locations or Items.

Translated with
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Answer n° 3
03/12/2018 09:58
by MetalMick99


 Hi favdb,
thanks for getting back to me so fast. I'll follow your advice re the images. They are all somewhat smaller than your recommended size.
I'll try again come the morning (I'm in Australia and it's evening Down Under).

An "Image Gallery" would be most welcome in V6.
Have a great day.
Michael P
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