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16/03/2019 02:41
by DonEdwards


1) I'd like to be able to add the Part name to the Scenes list.

2) I tried using the "Plots" column/tab. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to create a "Plot" entry. It goes through all the motions, but there's still nothing in the list of "Plots" even after closing and reopening the file. It doesn't matter if I add it via the Plots tab on the Scene edit window, or from the Plots list.

This is in oStorybook 5.04.03 on Linux Mint 18.1.

Also a request regarding the Scene list: how hard would it be for the word count at the bottom of the list to NOT include scenes marked as "informative" and scenes that are not part of chapters?
Rectified by DonEdwards 16/03/2019 04:38
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Answer n° 1
19/03/2019 19:08
by favdb


The part can only be pointed by the chapter, and the scene points to the chapter. So at the moment it is not possible to show directly the link to the part from the scene. You can use the "Notes" to show this link, but it will not be dynamic.
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