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le 20/10/2019 19:45
par SadPuppy


It feels like I have a hard time understanding all about scenes.

I mean, I create scenes and put them in chapters. When I manage scenes, they are just a long vertical list where I can't make the window wider. If I look at the Text or Summary tab; If I write the scene in here the scene in manage scenes is big and cluttered. If I write the summary, where would I write the scene? If I write the scene in Notes then it didn't appear in the exported book (unless that is changed).

Then there are strand links below, and if I tick one of them I can edit it..but I  have no idea of why...what it is..etc..

Then now there are plots? I can't do anything there unless I add a new plot? Then it wants a name and a category (what category??). Then I can write something below, but there is also a Notes tab..?

And, if I want to insert a scene and already have 20 scenes in the chapter..I have to add a scene at the bottom..then swap it one step at a time all the way to the spot I want it inserted in. And each swap resets so I have to scroll down and grab the scene again.   This is extremely odd and irritating.

Perhaps a user could share a scene so I can see what text goes where, plots and everything?

I feel so confused, and this is really stopping me from writing atm.  =(
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le 21/10/2019 09:00
par favdb


 Did you try the typpist mode?
Notes is a field to store your notes about the element (scene, chapter, part, etc...)
If youy don't need Strands don't use it. A Strand is like a point of view.
You can number your scenes. Me I use un number with a step bigger than one, so I can insert new scenes directly.
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