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From release of oStorybook 4.10.0, this project is hosted by This host is a non-profit organization; its privacy policy is consistent with French law.

For more information visit

Historically oStorybook started its career on Sourceforge, that's also where the original Storybook was. It's after a "long" unavailability of Sourceforge (several weeks) that I decided to migrate elsewhere. I chose Tuxfamily because of its associative status (French law 1901).

On Tuxfamily, each service must be requested, and for some of them (website, repository, Git) you have to indicate the requested size. When you reach this size, you have to ask for more space, with the risk that the request will be rejected, or to clean up. This is what happened to me at the beginning of my installation there for the resumption of the Git repository among others.

Small summary of the existing hostings:

    Sourceforge: the minimum, summary (for the project description), repository with a version history. Sourceforge is kept because of its visibility and statistics (as of 19/08/2022: 41,219 downloads, all combined since 30/10/2013), this repository is no longer active.
    GitHub: because of the presence of forks of university origin (teaching). This repository is not active
    Framagit (based on GitLab): current hosting of the project code.
    Tuxfamily: 800MB (213MB used) for the website with forum, bugtracker (Flyspray with MySql), repository (471MB used on a 1GB allocation), 2 ML (i18n and Dev).
    LWS : for the hosting of the domain name

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