oStorybook is designed to identify and manage independently all the different components of a book being written, while maintaining their interconnections. Thus you will find the following:

Thread: stories are frequently told by following several paths; in oStorybook these paths are called Threads. When a new work is commenced a default single thread is started.  One cannot remove all threads (or there is nothing left!).
Part: a larger book is often divided into different parts, by default when a new book is created it has one part. As for the Thread, it is impossible to remove all parts.
Chapter: a book is always divided into chapters. But as you will see later, it is not necessary to decide on the chapters first. Note to playwrights: the notion of the Chapter can be replaced by the Act.
Scene: this is the basic element of any written book, novel, drama, news, etc ...
Character: each scene tells of the actions of its characters. In general each scene contains a limited cast of characters; when the composition of this group substantially changes there probably should be a new scene.
Location: Actions take place in a location. A scene can take place at a single location. When the place of action changes, in general, the scene also changes. However some authors prefer on occasion that the action of a scene takes place in several places. That's why, when you write a scene, you can select multiple locations.
Object: in the course of their actions the characters can use or interact with objects; it can be necessary to keep track of these.

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