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√= OK (up to date), P=partialy (not updated for a long time or incomplete)

Language Msg Ass Ortho Thes
bg български (Bulgarian) P
ca Català (Catalan)
cs Cesky (Czech) P
dk Dansk (Danish) P
en English (GB, US)
es Español (Spanish) P P
eo Espéranto
fi Suomi (Finnish)
fr Français
ge Deutsch (German) P
gr Ελληνικά (Greek) P
hu Magyar (Hungarian)
it Italiano (Italian) P
iw עברית (Hebrew)
ko 한국어 (Korean) P
nl Dutch (Nederlands)
pl Polszczyzna (Polish)
pt Português (Portuguese)
ro Română (Romanian)
ru Русский (Russian)
sv Svenska (Swedish)
tr Türk (Turkish)
uk український (Ukrainian) P
zh 现代标准汉语 (Simplified Chinese) P
  • Msg: for the user interface
  • Ass: for the Assistant
  • Ortho: for the dictionnary
  • Thes: for the synonyms/antonyms