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Version 5.05.00 - 01/07/2020 00:00

NEWS 5.05.00 (01/07/2020)

Due to the standby of version 6 this version includes some of the new features that were already developed. Here is a summary description of these new functions.
1. Partial code rewriting

It should allow me to better manage future developments and facilitate maintenance operations and correction of bugs.
2. Modification of the database recording

The choice to maintain the high-performance h2database system is evolving to store the data, outside of working hours, in a form that allows information to be retrieved without using the database engine, and therefore without oStorybook. The format is of the "SQL transaction" type, allowing for importing into any compatible database (MySQL for example). This format is compressed (ZIP) in order to reduce the size of the file without altering performance when opening the file. The extension chosen is ".osbk", which eventually allows the file to be opened from a file explorer under the condition that the necessary system associations have been set up.
3. Creation of the Scenario mode

This is the most important change. It will allow the screenwriter to focus on the writing without worrying about the formatting of the text. For more information on this point see the online documentation at (under development).
4. Other interventions

A few corrections were made, in particular concerning the useful interface for translating oStorybook into another language (the UTF8 coding was defective). Similarly, the use of a translated version has been made easier (replacement of the "console" mode with a parameter at launch by adding a simple option in the preferences).

Version 6 and Covid19 - 18/03/2020 21:47

Let's take advantage of opportunities

As a result of the current outbreak we are under house arrest. Not sure what to do to occupy this vast free time? Of course you have your writings and imagination to develop your stories, but maybe from time to time you would like to take your mind off things. I can't offer you social activities in physical proximity, but I can offer you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of oStorybook version 6.

I am ready to release the first Alpha version. I propose you to sign up to test and develop it. There are even some new features that would deserve to be evaluated to measure their relevance and consider, why not, new ones.

For the occasion I reactivated the project on SourceForge. I give you an appointment there to take part in the work. Here is the link:
Visit the project, especially the Wiki and Discussion/Forum parts. Disregard source code and downloadable files.

For those who are not writers, your participation is also welcome.

(tranlated with

Version 5.04.05b - 03/12/2019 13:52


Version 5.04.05a was incorrect. It was baptized, among other things, 5.04.06 improperly and had a serious bug. It is therefore replaced by version 5.04.05b. Please report any bugs.

The next version 6 - 17/10/2019 17:08

It has been a long time since I have given information or published a new version of oStorybook. The reason for this is that, as I have mentioned on several occasions, I have undertaken to rewrite the software. Today I estimate that I am at about 30% of this rewrite, so it is time for me to inform you about this project.

What will change

First of all, it is the structure of the file itself that will be modified. Indeed, I am abandoning the h2database database engine to adopt an XML file structure. This will ensure that users keep all their data in a readable form with which it is not necessarily necessary to use software. Those who would like to change software can always open their files with a simple text editor, such as a notepad, and copy/paste them to the software. The other advantage, technical this one, is to free yourself from external software, even if it is of very good quality, and reduce as much as possible the memory "footprint" (I estimate that the cumulative gain should lead to a reduction of almost 50% in the size of the software). In addition, I don't lose sight of the fact that an adaptation under Android is always required. This evolution of the file is therefore likely to facilitate this adaptation.

The other major change will be directly related to the interface. Indeed, it appeared that, for many, the traditional presentation, with its different tables in particular, can be "intimidating". This is why, by default, the "typing" mode, introduced by version 5.01.00, will be activated. The old mode, called "normal", will be renamed to "management mode" and will always remain available.

The "typing" mode will also be enhanced with a "scriptwriter" variant that will be activated as a replacement when working on a script rather than a novel or short story. This "scriptwriter" mode will provide an interface very oriented towards the production of a layout that meets the usual specifications of this sector of activity.

The introduction of the assistance function in version 5.03.00 will be completed to allow the implementation of the " snowflake " method. In parallel, new tools will make it possible to implement the "paper clip" method. Thus, the authors will be able to choose between four different working methods:

  • "manager", which corresponds to the usual functioning with its tables, for those who need to program and plan their work;
  • "snowflake", thanks to the extensive use of assistants;
  • "paper clip", for those who prefer to progress by emphasizing the spontaneity of their ideas;
  • "objectives", which could be likened to a " nanowrimo " method, by setting objectives in terms of text length or writing time.

Of course, at any time you can switch from one of these methods to the other, or even combine them freely. The spirit being that oStorybook is a collection of tools that the user can adjust according to his desires or needs.

Another new feature is that while the views will not be fundamentally modified, they will be enhanced with a mini toolbar that will make it easier to configure the said view. This is already the case for the scene table, for example. So, instead of going to the parts menu to select the one you want to work on, it will be directly visible and editable.

What remains to be done

As with previous versions, what is missing, and will continue to be missing, is solid documentation and tutorials focused on certain aspects. If you would like to contribute to writing this kind of document, do not hesitate to contact us now.

Another thing to do is to translate the software. I develop in French and English, but I have no knowledge of other languages. Again, if you have some time to devote to this work, it will be a real pleasure for me to integrate you into the translation team.

Translated with

Version 5.04.01 - 08/05/2018 21:32

Due to an anomaly the emergency version 5.04.01 has been published.

Version 5.04.00 - 22/04/2018 16:57

Publication of the latest version of 5th serie. It allows full use of the Wizard function.

Version 5.03.00 - 31/01/2018 12:32

With a little delay on the usual calendar version 5.03.00 is now available. You will find the following developments:

  • add bar, index, index, index in the editor
  • for each added component of a getImageIcon
  • in the scene editor, if an objective has been assigned in the chapter, a progress bar appears.
  • replacement of the module for inserting a Unicode character, with extension to all Unicode blocks
  • added the insertion of the hyphen cadratin dash (and other special characters) in the HTML editor
  • added the wizard
  • addition of the backup/restoration mechanism
  • fixed the Typist bug
  • added a backup/restoration mechanism when working long hours on a scene

Happy new year 2018, and good use

Translated with

New version 5.01.00 - 19/08/2017 00:01

A little ahead of the usual schedule, the new version 5.01.00 is now available. You will find many evolutions here:

- new typist mode
- the special characters button is now in the editor tools
- modification of the editor Party (notes on the Common tab)
- addition of the edit button in the list of components of the editor
- adding the name of the external file in the Info view and a launch button
- adding the Copy Strands
- rewriting the copy dialog of the elements
- access to the scene editor on right click in column header of the view "Characters by scene"
- centralization of view options
- optional memory occupancy view in the status bar
- adding the page switching option for exporting simple HTML file
- adding the "Narrator" filter in the Scenes table
- addition of the possibility to renumber the scenes
- added keyboard shortcuts in the editor
- added the font preferences for the editor

Future version 5.01.00 - 01/07/2017 12:15

On September 1, 2017, except for special incidents, the next version 5.01.00 will be published. This will include the following developments:

  •     Adding the Typist Mode
  •     The special characters button is now in the editor tools
  •   modification of the Part editor (Notes are now on the Common tab)
  •     Addition of the edit button in the list of components of the editor
  •     Added the name of the external file in the Info view with a launch button
  •     Adding the Copy Strands
  •     Rewrite the copy dialog of the elements
  •     Access to the scene editor on right-click in column header of the "Characters by scene" view
  •     Centralization of view options
  •     View of optional memory occupancy in the status bar (via the Preferences)
  •     Addition of the possibility to force a line-break in the text
  •     Adding the page break option for exporting simple HTML file
  •     Added the "Narrator" filter in the Scenes table
  •     Addition of the possibility to renumber the scenes with a formula which include part number and chapter number
  •     Adding keyboard shortcuts to the editor (bold, italic, underline)

New user interface - 29/05/2017 11:50

(From September 2017)

The typist mode allows you to work by focusing specifically on the text of your book. It is in the form of a single window occupying the entire screen and replacing the normal window of the application.
This presentation consists of:

  • at the top, a mini toolbar to navigate the scenes (scene list, first scene, previous scene, next scene, last scene), a button to ignore the changes in progress and return to the initial state, To return to normal mode.
  • the central part is divided into two parts, in the proportions 6/7 on the left with the text editor for the input and 1/7 on the right, summarizing the components linked to the scene (characters, locations, objects) and the notes.
  • at the bottom, a statistical summary of the size of the scene text (green if the maximum size is not reached, red if it is reached or exceeded).

The objective of this presentation is to allow you to focus on the text of the scene without having to click on various elements.

You can modify the list of characters, locations or objects by using the corresponding buttons. You can also edit any notes. On the other hand, to change the link to another chapter, or other information, you will have to return to the normal display of the application.

As with any other display you have a button to create a new idea.

For the text editor part, you will find the traditional formatting toolbar, but you will not have the possibility to customize the HTML code. Indeed, the objective being to focus on the text the presence of the usual tab HTML would be only a diversion.

This new interface will enter the test phase at the beginning of June 2017 and will be available with the September 2017 version.

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