Release of 5.05.04 - 04/09/2021 00:00

Version 5.05.04 is available.

Many changes have been made, but most of themmade, but most of them will be invisible to you since they concern the code itself. Indeed, the program has been modified to improve its readability while facilitating maintenance. Here are the evolutions that will be directly visible to you:
- the wizard is now fully functional
- graphical improvement for reports (dark colors)
- export of sheets (info view), with modification of the dialog
- export of the info view in HTML
- export of tables "as is" (visible columns only)
- added choice of color for the TimeEvent
- creation of the "Timeline" view
- added a parameter for truncation in the Tree view
- activated Web links (Read, Info, Memos and Editor views)
- reordering of the scene date (fixed, relative)
- added duration for a scene
- added duration for an event
- reactivation of undo/redo shortcuts with addition of buttons
- added stabylo to highlight a passage
- ability to switch from HTML to Markdown and back
- possibility to activate/deactivate the scenario mode option
- extension of scenario mode to all functions (scene table, scene editor)
- adjustable column width in the "Manage chapters and scenes" view

Hopefully these improvements will be useful for you.

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