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Version 6 and Covid19 - 18/03/2020 21:47

Let's take advantage of opportunities

As a result of the current outbreak we are under house arrest. Not sure what to do to occupy this vast free time? Of course you have your writings and imagination to develop your stories, but maybe from time to time you would like to take your mind off things. I can't offer you social activities in physical proximity, but I can offer you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of oStorybook version 6.

I am ready to release the first Alpha version. I propose you to sign up to test and develop it. There are even some new features that would deserve to be evaluated to measure their relevance and consider, why not, new ones.

For the occasion I reactivated the project on SourceForge. I give you an appointment there to take part in the work. Here is the link:
Visit the project, especially the Wiki and Discussion/Forum parts. Disregard source code and downloadable files.

For those who are not writers, your participation is also welcome.

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