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Publication of the 5.05.00 - 01/07/2020 00:00

PUBLICATION of version 5.05.00

Most important new features:

1. Partial code rewriting

It should allow me to better manage future developments and facilitate maintenance operations and correction of bugs.

2. Modification of the database record

The choice to maintain the high-performance h2database system is evolving to store the data, outside of working hours, in a form that allows information to be retrieved without using the database engine, and therefore without oStorybook. The format is of the "SQL transaction" type, which allows the data to be imported into any compatible database (MySQL for example). This format is compressed (ZIP) in order to reduce the size of the file without altering performance when opening the file. The extension chosen is ".osbk", which eventually allows the file to be opened from a file explorer provided that the necessary system associations have been set up.

3. Creation of the Scenario mode

This is the most important change. It will allow the screenwriter to focus on the writing without worrying about the formatting of the text. For more information on this point see the online documentation at (under development).

4. Photos

The next step will be to add a Photo element that will allow you to index in oStorybook images useful as inspiration or documentation. Version 5.05.00 prepares this introduction.

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