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17/07/2021 23:18
by MamboCat


Hello Team Storybook!
Je suis désolé, my French is rather limited so I hope it's OK if I write in English...
I have just got a new laptop and I am attempting to use oStorybook with some old files. However on the new laptop it will not open. It is a refurbished Windows 10 Home laptop, i3-1005G1 CPU, 1.20GHz (boosts to 3GHz), 8GB RAM, 64-bit. I downloaded the latest versions of both oStorybook and Java. It will not open, even if I use "Open with...".
I have the same versions of oStorybook and Java on a Windows 10 desktop, and oStorybook works just fine. Comparing the two machines I can't find what I have done different between the desktop and laptop computer. Is there something I am missing? 
I've been using a version of Storybook since 2012 and this is the first time I've had a problem. If anyone could offer some advise, I would be grateful.
Kind regards.
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Answer n° 1
18/07/2021 09:57
by favdb




No problem with English, I use as automatic translator.

You say you have installed the latest version of Java, but you have to use version 8. Tests with version 11 have been successful, but it is better to stay with version 8.
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