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12/06/2022 22:26
by pattmayne


Hello. I'm starting to use oStorybook and it looks very promising.
The only issue I had is that when I create a "relationship" between anything (characters, objects, etc) the relationship never saves. I can never retrieve it or view it. It simply isn't there.
This happens in Linux and Windows installations. I'm using version 5.05.06
Maybe I'm using it wrong? But I don't think so!


Web site pattmayne
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Answer n° 1
13/06/2022 08:48
by MetalMick


I thought I'd try this and found it worked fine: relationships saved and I was able to see them - I'm in MX Linux KDE right now, but will be moving to either Mint or KDE Neon or perhaps even staying in MX.
I struggled initially to find the relationships list, but under Tables| Secondary Objects, I was able to see it. There is also a little button on the right-hand side of the character window, once you've created the relationship for the character, which I think is rather neat.

I did find that initially, creating an object and a location and then saving and closing oStorybook resulted in the oStorybook layout - the tree on the left, other windows on the right - getting scrambled on relaunching the application. But once I got that sorted, all was well. I also found that the columns for the relationships tab/window always revert to the default setting which is only a few characters wide. Grrr.
I agree with you: there's a lot of promise to this application. I think everyone involved is doing sensational work. Somewhere I found favdb's full name but for the life of me, I can't find it again.

Michael P.

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Answer n° 2
13/06/2022 14:07
by favdb



I'll start by the end. FaVdB are my initials (first and last name), it's already 5 characters, my full name is obviously much longer (28 characters). I've been using this nickname for years, so if you do a search on the Internet favdb will be much more productive.
oStorybook is already an old project, more than a decade old. Its particularity is that it evolves very regularly (2 to 3 versions per year). It is because of this that some bugs may appear over time.
oStorybook can appear complex to use, mainly for two reasons. The first one is that there is no really exhaustive documentation. The second one is that there are a lot of options to adapt it to your own use according to your own practices or preferences.
If you want to share your experience and your way of doing things, I would be very happy to receive any document you may prepare in this regard.

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