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Concerne le projet: oStorybook
Ouverte par favdb (favdb) - 2016-10-05
Dernière édition par favdb (favdb) - 2016-10-05

FS#40 - Bug LibreOffice

oStorybook 4.10.4 on Linux Mint 18

1. When I tell oStorybook to open LibreOffice on a scene that doesn't already have a LibreOffice document associated with it, it creates a brand new (empty) document in the directory that contains the oStorybook project file, and then opens a second brand new (empty, unsaved) document in LibreOffice. The desired behavior would be to create the empty document in the proper directory (as it does) and then open *that* document.

It's possible that the above is a problem with LibreOffice rather than oStorybook...

2. After saving the new document, oStorybook does not reliably receive and store its name - and when it does store the name, it does not include the path. On reopening the document file with no path, the default location is the directory containing the oStorybook program. Desired behavior is: i) reliably receive the filename with path, ii) if the path is the same as the path to the project file then strip it and store just the filename, otherwise store the whole thing, and iii) if there's a filename without path, use the location of the project file as the default path.

3. Upon observing #2, if I click the button to link to an existing ODT file, the default location to look for that file is my home directory. Desired behavior, again, is that the default is the directory containing the project file.

This task does not depend on any other tasks.

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mercredi, 05 octobre 2016, 15:12 GMT
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