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For oStorybook to function you must have Java installed, (minimum version 1.8.0_45.)

windows.pngFor Windows users

  1. Download the exe file, with name oStorybook-X.y.z.exe (X,y.z indicate the version)
  2. Start the installation by running this file (Double click on this file to start the installation)

mac.jpgFor Mac OS X users

  1. Download the tar.gz file and commence installation in the usual way

linux_distribution-debian.pnglinux_distribution-ubuntu.pngFor any Debian based systems:

  1. Download file oStorybook-X.y.z.deb;
  2. Open a terminal window and run the usual installation command

sudo dpkg -i oStorybook-X.y.z.deb

  1. Check that a shortcut has been created on your Desktop (if you are using Gnome). If not, make a shortcut using your usual method.

linux_distribution-archlinux.pngThe ArchLinux community will provide standard packaging for their system: see here

For other Linux distributions, or in case of difficulties, use this method of installing the Zip file:

  1. Download the file
  2. Extract its content into a local folder (I recommend naming the folder oStorybook, for easy identification)
  3. Check that the file oStorybook.jar or Storybook.jar is in that folder.
  4. Use the .bat or .sh file to build the correct program launcher for your operating system

You are here :   Home » Installation
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