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oStorybook utilise the JOrtho tool for spell-checking. The avalaible dictionaries are:

  • English (GB, US)  en_us.gif
  • Danish dk.png
  • Spanish es.png
  • French fr.png
  • Hungarian hu.png
  • Japanese jp.png

Yous can downlaod compatible dictionaries from other prjects, as FreePlane. The files have the "ortho" extension. If yu don't find the dictionary you nedd, ask i on the forum. Actualy we have 54 other dictionaries which would be send on demand.

To intsall a dictionary, go to the menu "Edit", sub-menu "SpellChecker". You can also modify your personal dictionary from there.

Building a JOrtho Dictionary for oStorybook

File Format

The dictionaries files are a list of words. Every word is saved in a separate line. The word list is saved in UTF8 encoding. The resulting file is compressed.

How to do?

The dictionaries are based on list of words file. This is a step by step description how you can generate a new dictionary version.

  1. Download the data from Wiktionary. The file for the English language is (Replace the red part with your language code, see ISO 639-1 list).
  2. Extract the XML file from the archive
  3. Download BuildDictionary.
  4. Execute the command: java -Xmx256M -jar BuildDictionary.jar
  5. Select the language and choose the list of words file, then press the "Build" button (this process may take a long time).

The resulting file has a name like dictionary_en.ortho, the red part changes depending on the language selected in step 5. Copy this file to the sub-directory dicts in your oStorybook installation (typicaly in your personal ".oStorybook5" directory).

About JOrtho

JOrtho (Java Orthography) is an Open Source spell-checker. Its dictionaries are based on the free Wiktionary project and can therefore be updated for virtually any language or any other list of words in a UTF-8 text file.


JOrtho is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL) for inclusion in programs published under a compatible open-source license. oStorybook and BuildDictonary are also GPLed.

Who is responsible for JOrtho?

JOrtho is an Open Source project of i-net software. But, adaptation for oStorybook is part of the oStorybook project. You can download the BuildDictionary source code.