oStorybook is the brainchild of Martin Mustun. The first version of his original version dates from 2008.

By September 2013 Storybook was gradually disappearing. In early October 2013 the loss was total as the commercial site had disappeared. Those who had  paid for the features of the full version were left with nothing.

In early August 2013 I discovered the software, having the project of writing  a novel. After having assessed the available functions and deciding to use the program I noticed the disappearance of the source code that I had taken the precaution to download. And now I am  maintainer of Storybook, rechristened oStorybook. The software is now fully and truly open source.

The documentation is a reinterpretation of that available in September 2013. Over time it will incorporate newer elements from the project's continuing development

To illustrate this documentation screenshots are used. These screenshots are from the last current version at the time of writing this documentation (march 2014). The first chapters of the book by Jules Verne "From the Earth to the Moon", Molière's play "The Doctor in Spite of Himself," and sometimes "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, are used as examples to illustrate the various facilities

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