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oStorybook can be used for plotting only or for writing a whole book, too. It is not a real word processor, but you can find the base of one.

See the documentation to know how to link a scene to a LibreOffice file.

The simplest way is to use the copy-paste mechanism:

  1. In Open Office / Word select the text you want to copy and press Ctrl-C.
  2. In oStorybook click into the scene text field and press Ctrl-V.

Since version 5.05.05 it is even easier, you can import directly a file from LibreOffice (ODT) or MSWord (DOCX). This import can be done as a creation of a new project, or more simply as an import of the text for an existing scene.

Moreover, since this same version you can also export your project directly in ODT or DOCX format.

Yes, of course wink

No, of course not. Many novelists write with nothing else than a paper and a pen, and there is nothing wrong about that.

One of the big benefits of oStorybook: You don't have to remember all data all the time. Instead you can concentrate on the actual creative writing.

If you write on a PC or laptop oStorybook might be the right choice for you.

Download it now and try it, it's free.

Copy your oStorybook file to the second PC by using a USB memory stick or a network drive.

To find out the file name of your oStorybook file, open
File -> Document Preferences -> File Information

Of course you also have to install oStorybook on both computers.

Because you'll lose the overview if you have 100 scenes or even more in the same part. Furthermore the more scenes you have in a part, the slower the program will be. It doesn't matter whether the final book is split into parts or not. It is recommended to have not more than 50 scenes in a single part.

You should use the File>Rename function. Be careful not to specify the extension ".osbk", it will be added automatically. Do not indicate a folder either, just limit yourself to the file name.

Otherwise you can use the "Rename" function in your file explorer. Make sure to keep the ".osbk" extension.

Storybook, how much does it cost?

Nothing, oStorybook is a free open source software. Open source softwares are not always free, this one is free.

But maybe would you like to give a little more than your simple acknowledgment? So give from yourself. Your own experience of using oStorybook can be a valuable advantage for new users, tell your most common uses. You speak fluently another language? Check if there is a version of oStorybook in it and if this is not the case offer your translation of the user interface and documentation.

First you have to install JAVA, then all would be simple.

The new format of the ".osbk" file makes it possible to significantly reduce the size occupied on the hard disk. Thus, in the old ".h2.db" and ".mv.db" formats, the size of an almost empty example file is more than 53Kb. Now it is reduced to less than 4Ko. So don't worry if a file created in 2015 is now much smaller. This gain in size allows you to send your file by e-mail without saturating your correspondent's mailbox.

It is true that oStorybook is complicated, but not more so than driving a car. The main difficulty is to choose among the many options available in order to use the software according to your own needs. So don't worry, with a little time you'll see that it's not so hard.

You are here :   Home » FAQ
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