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You don't have to register to use oStorybook. On the other hand, if you want to ask a question on the forum, you will have to register an account. This is simply because some people regularly try to hack this site (I don't see any valid reason to do that except to harm others).

oStorybook one of the best software for writers

Storybook is a Libre Software for writers, essayists, authors. Used from the draft to the final work, with oStorybook you can never lose the history of the field of view. oStorybook helps you to maintain control over the various developments of your story.

oStorybook help you to structure your work

The management of characters, locations, scenes, items, tags and ideas takes place in a single and coherent whole. A simple interface allows you to define each element and each scene while maintaining a permanent overview of your work through understandable and practical tools. With Memoria each element can be connected to other elements in each stage.


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