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3. Create a new project

Start oStorybook, then from the File menu choose New. In the dialogue give a suitable name to your file and the directory where it will be saved.

creer fichier

What is formatted text?

Formatted text, as opposed to plain text, is text that can have a different styles applied to it.


This is plain text. All letters are of the same size and in the same font. There is neither bold nor italics.

This is formatted text. Some words are of a different size, or use a different font. Some words are in bold and others  in italics.

Formatted text used for both type styles is useful for everyone. If you use oStorybook as a simple tool you can de-activate these options. For summaries of scenes plain text is sufficient.

Important note on the file name you use: do not use special characters such as /? *: or others. For more information see the Wikipedia article. Correct file names  for oStorybook contain only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9),  spaces and the underscore (_).

Tip: plan your work before starting. Create a folder before the initial creation of the project file, so you will then have a place where you can store all your subsequent documents.

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