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Topic #200 Scenario mode
    - by Nito 13/01/2021 11:26

I installed Ostorybook last version, but I didn't understand how use Scenario Mode.Can anyone explain to me how use it?
Thanks for all

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 13/01/2021 19:54


You must choose the scenario mode when creating your new project. First you give the title, then you choose the folder where your file will be saved. Finally you will have access to the Properties where you have to check the scenario box.

Answer n° 2
    - by Nito 14/01/2021 10:35

I did it. When I try to write a scene in my new project there is no difference from normal mode.I think I don't catch how work and I can use scenario mode.Must I use markdown tag to write a scene?
Thanks for every explain.

Answer n° 3
    - by favdb 18/01/2021 21:11

Sorry for my late response. I was without Internet connection since Wednesday, and in transit on the roads since Friday.

I will take a very close look at the process I have indicated and check that it is working properly.

Answer n° 4
    - by favdb 19/01/2021 16:29

I am adjusting the scenario mode. It might take a little more time, but you should be satisfied with the result.

Answer n° 5
    - by Nito 21/01/2021 15:45

I am sure I will be satisfied. Thanks for clarifications, I will wait with pleasure.

Answer n° 6
    - by favdb 22/01/2021 20:57

Here I am back. I've released version 5.05.04 which fixes the problem of the scenario. I took the opportunity to extend it wherever it was useful or necessary. Be careful, it's a test version, you could encounter some anomalies.

Download is http://download.tuxfamily.org/ostorybook/next

Answer n° 7
    - by Nito 25/01/2021 10:24


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