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Topic #214 About showing more text in the tree view
    - by lczaplys 16/04/2021 23:20

In the tree view, is it possible to set the chapter or scene title that appears in the tree view to show more text? For example, a scene title shows “Betty returns to Stony Brook to talk with her sister” yet the tree view only shows “Betty returns to Stony…” This would make the tree view more useful for outlining, perhaps?

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 17/04/2021 20:54


Your suggestion, quite justified, led me to make several observations.

a) when notes are associated with an element, it is usually indicated by a *. In the case of a truncation of the name this * disappears. So I decided to put it as the first character.
b) the standard operation of the JTree implies a truncation on the first space encountered. For a scene this is replaced by a 30 characters truncation. For the other elements the regular truncation, on the first space, is applied. So I modified the code to apply the same rule for all element types (first 30 characters). In addition I will add a preference to request that the truncation is neutralized.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

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