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Topic #243 Scene Editor Window Larger than Entire Screen
    - by matthewpayne 08/07/2022 04:02

I love this software, but I've encountered a major problem.
One day the scene editor became larger than my entire screen. It wasn't always this way. But now I cannot access the buttons at the bottom of the screen. And I cannot resize the screen.
Did I choose some bad settings? Has anybody else had this happened? I need to be able to resize the screen!

Here is a link to a screenshot, showing the whole thing:

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 08/07/2022 08:46


This is a problem related to the definition of your screen which changed (under Linux Mint you changed the resolution, or you use two physical screens). The solution is to use the repositioning of the dialog using the keyboard, here is the standard procedure:
- Alt + F7 : to activate the movement of the window
- move the mouse, until the top edge is visible
- validate the new position by clicking
Now you should be able to resize the window.

The alternative would be to delete the oStorybook.ini preferences file located in the hidden ".storybook5" folder of your home directory. But in this case you will lose all your other settings.

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Answer n° 2
    - by matthewpayne 08/07/2022 16:12

This solution works perfectly! Thanks for helping.
You can resize by selecting the bottom border or right border of the window, which I could not reach until I used Alt-F7.
Everything works fine now.

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