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Topic #93 Translate Problem
    - by LoveThisSoftware 27/12/2016 15:54

traditional Chinese is simplified Chinese in this programmehope your guys will fix it . i really love this programme    

Answer n° 1
    - by garychao 27/03/2018 08:24

I understand this is an old thread, but just wanted to know how is it going now? Did your issue get solved? Is the Traditional Chinese still in Simplified fonts? That could be the problem from the ZH<>EN translation...

Answer n° 2
    - by favdb 27/03/2018 08:56


I'm sorry but I've never been able to find a volunteer translator for Chinese (simplified or traditional). Even Permundo, our volunteer translation partner, did not succeed. If you have some knowledge of this language and you undertake this translation work it will be with real pleasure that I will integrate it.

Answer n° 3
    - by garychao 31/03/2018 05:23

"Even Permundo, our volunteer translation partner, did not succeed"
What do you mean by "did not succeed"? Permundo didn't finish the job, or failed to provide a good quality work?

Answer n° 4
    - by garychao 31/03/2018 05:28

Ever considered hiring professional Chinese language team for that? e

Answer n° 5
    - by favdb 31/03/2018 09:11

This software is exclusively developed on a voluntary basis. We have no financial means. For example, I paid out of my pocket to buy a domain name that will be used for the project in the coming months. I have always refused to charge oStorybook in any way.

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