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Topic #105 [Web site] A few corrections to be done
    - by bodiccea 21/01/2017 07:03


I found a few errors on web site:

In "text" version of web site, the links to W3C validators should be removed (as both HTML and CSS are not valid).

The Documentation pages have incorrect text flowing (an horizontal scrollbar appears when window is not large enough), which makes reading very difficult.

Rectified by bodiccea 21/01/2017 07:04

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 21/01/2017 19:59

W3C validators : I have no idea about that.

Document pages : I changed the width of le iframe content (fixed 900px to relative 100%).

Answer n° 2
    - by bodiccea 22/01/2017 05:35

Thanks for docs update.

About the W3C validators, it looks like a Guppy bug:
Their own web site text version shows the links to validators too, and with similar errors. Not much we can do, beside raising a bug report.
Link: https://www.freeguppy.org/mobile/?lng=en

Answer n° 3
    - by favdb 22/01/2017 10:38

W3C validators : removed from Text version.

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