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Topic #143 Dictionary Portuguese Brazil
    - by MasterLokito 22/07/2018 01:29

In what format are the oStorybook dictionaries?
I would like to look for some portuguese brazil dictionary on the web, a Spell Checker.Or are they all done manually?
PS: Sorry for the weak English.
Rectified by MasterLokito 22/07/2018 01:51

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 22/07/2018 09:22


Unfortunately there is no JOrtho dictionary for Brazilian Portuguese. You can make your own by referring to the "Customization" page.

Answer n° 2
    - by MasterLokito 23/07/2018 00:22

Hello, faceb !!!I found this site. He is in Portuguese, but I think he can translate it into English to understand it better.It has a link to a dictionary in Portuguese JOrtho!

Answer n° 3
    - by favdb 23/07/2018 15:34

I have just made available several additional dictionaries, including Portuguese. But I'm not sure if it's Brazilian Portuguese.

Answer n° 4
    - by MasterLokito 23/07/2018 22:57


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