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Topic #163 Which version for starters..
    - by SadPuppy 17/10/2019 19:32

Hello everyone!

I have been trying out oStorybook for 1-2 months now, so I am new both to writing and the program.
And I am struggling. It feels like a high threshold and not much documentation (and not everything being documented), no tutorials that I can find, and a low userbase.    This is my happy introduction  =)
I am having trouble getting stuff to work, to understand how things work and what they mean. I have looked through the forum now, and found a little stuff (like the check box - Informative - having way another meaning than I thought). And I gather some of my problems probably have been fixed already in a later version. So my questions should start with which version to use.
I went to the download section and downloaded (which is 5.04.01) what I assumed was the latest version.
Now I understand there are later versions, so I downloaded 5.04.05/2019-Mar-26 20:57:15-  
which is just a .jar file. Looking at my installation, should I just replace my old oStorybook.jar with this new one or do I need to do something else?  
Thanks in advance!(also, looking at the preview..how can I add extra lines for formatting and readability?)

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