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Topic #166 How to order subchapters?
    - by formiko 29/10/2019 13:30


Because I'm just learning to use the program, maybe I don't get yet how to manage the chapter/subchapters thing. Is there a form to get the subchapter "inside" their main chapter? Right now I just have a bunch of chapters with the form "something.something" in the title, but they count as another chapter. So, for example, I have chapter 4, chapter 4.1 and chapter 4.2. There would be a form to count the subchapters as that and not as another chapter?

I hope you can understand my doubt, English is not my language.

Thank you!

Answer n° 1
    - by favdb 29/10/2019 16:26


First of all, English is not my mother language either. If we have difficulty understanding each other so much, use our respective languages and then use an automatic translator. For my part, I use DeepL which allows me to translate the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Russian. I can understand Italian in addition to English and French, which is my mother language.

To answer your question, at least if I understand it correctly, I will start by reformulating it: is it possible to create sub-chapters? The answer is "No". Indeed, what is planned are parts that contain chapters, which in turn contain scenes. However, it is possible to build a document that has the appearance of sub-chapters. For that there are two ways:
a) work only with chapters whose titles will allow you to distinguish between chapters and sub-chapters, exactly as you mentioned in the example.
(b) name the scenes in such a way as to incorporate a hierarchical structure. You can take an example from the documentation I made with oStorybook.

That being said, I could take up this idea of sub-chapters in version 6 by adding a "sub-chapter of" field that would allow to link one chapter to another. I will study this possibility since we have already done this kind of thing for the locations. It will be a little more complex since this notion will have to appear in different places, such as in the "tree" view.

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Answer n° 2
    - by formiko 29/10/2019 18:52

Thank you so much for the very quick reply. I didn't know that translator, thank you also for mentioning it, it will be very useful to me.

On the subject in question, I thought that the use of subchapters was possible the way I was aiming and that the problem was mine because I didn't know how to manage them. Thank you for the advice and for taking it into consideration for future versions.

Great work, I'm really excited about all the possibilities this program offers.

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Answer n° 3
    - by favdb 30/10/2019 15:03

Jean points out another method that you could use. You can organize your text on the principle that the parts are in fact your chapters. You can also create subparts and therefore subchapters. The chapters would then become sub-sub-chapters.

Answer n° 4
    - by jrebillat 30/10/2019 16:57

You may even do more : subparts are recursive, so you may have any depth in your chapter organization.

Answer n° 5
    - by formiko 31/10/2019 21:27

Yes! I have been ordering the content in that way and it works just greeaaat! I thought about that too when I read that parts are not limited.

Thank you very much!

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