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Topic #170 My ideas are gone.. pt 2
    - by SadPuppy 21/11/2019 16:48

Trying a new topic since I can't post in the other one for some reason.

So I got mad and took a break after losing all my ideas.

Today I started to make a manual copy-paste backup of EVERYTHING that was there. 

Then I opened older backups assuming I would find the ideas there so I could copy them too. But they were gone there too. WTF?

That could likely only mean that you changed something between the versions, since it was after the new version the ideas disappeared. So I rolled back to the old version and opened the backups. And voila, there are my ideas.

With old version I mean: 5.04.01
With new version I mean: 5.04.05

The names of the ideas are there, but the content is blank. Perhaps you changed the database name of the content or something?

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