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Sujet n°256 Translation problem
    - par pmra le 11/03/2023 18:34


I'm trying to update my translation to Portuguese (Portugal) [pt_PT], but the menu option 'Translate UI' doesn't respond.
If I try to get it from here:

I get a 404 error.
Could you please tell me where can I make the update, so it may be available for future versions?
Thanks in advance

Réponse n° 1
    - par pmra le 11/03/2023 18:56

I found the source code via NetBeans technique, and there are two similar message files, pt-PT and pt_PT.
I think they are the same, but if they aren't, one of them should be renamed.
To edit the translation this way, I would need to know which is the correct one. Officially, it should be pt_PT.
Can I change it in NetBeans and send it from there?

Réponse n° 2
    - par favdb le 11/03/2023 21:25

Good evening,

I have just corrected the error for the menu without effect. The source file is now on Framagit, at the following address:
It is the one ending with pt-PT.

Réponse n° 3
    - par favdb le 11/03/2023 22:36

Sorry, the file is in fact "messages_pt_PT.properties".

Réponse n° 4
    - par favdb le 12/03/2023 21:25

There were several other anomalies. This has been corrected.

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