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Sujet n°259 Pasting into Character Description
    - par lczaplys le 11/05/2023 00:46

I am using OStorybook in Windows and see that I am unable to paste text into a character Description or Notes text box. I can enter text but not paste anything, for example, a description from another program. Is this intentional?

Réponse n° 1
    - par favdb le 11/05/2023 10:37


Could you describe precisely the sequence of operations? The order of these operations can be important.

Réponse n° 2
    - par lczaplys le 11/05/2023 20:21

I just downloaded version two days ago.
I started a new project.
I added a character and found I could not paste any text into the Description text box. I contacted this forum.
Today, I reopened the file and opened a scene. In Editor mode, I can type text into Text of Summary
but I cannot paste any text.I cannot paste text into any Editor; anytime I try, a small window opens up with these three lines:Undo (grayed out)Redo  (grayed out)

Is there some setting I am unaware of?

Réponse n° 3
    - par lczaplys le 11/05/2023 22:26

I uninstalled and installed and it worked fine, no issues pasting text. I then uninstalled and installed and the problem reappeared.

Réponse n° 4
    - par favdb le 11/05/2023 23:45

The last version is 5.59.

Réponse n° 5
    - par lczaplys le 12/05/2023 15:07

Thank you; version 5.59 works fine.

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