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Sujet n°109 [DEV MAILING LIST] Again :-)
    - par bodiccea le 23/01/2017 09:51

We exchanged a few emails between developers since I arrived, but I believe a mailing list would be better (at least for developers, forums are probably better for users):

1) We don't need to know everybody, all registered people will receive mail
2) We will have access to mailing-list archive (much better than forums in the long term)
3) It will be easier to submit patches (for instance with git-send-email), when people are not comfortable enough to access directly a git branch, or just want an advice on a possible gir patch. The current forums format does not allow clean posting in text mode (important for patches, where every space is important).
4) No need to be on-line to view messages (if already received) or to reply (they will be sent later).

Tuxfamily offers mailing-lists management I think:

So our beloved admin(s) could just create a "devs" list, with writing access disabled before a member is allowed by an admin, archives available to public (I don't think discussions should be hidden), et voila !

I am not sure how the spam control is working at tuxfamily. If good, inscription (writing) could be public.

Please remember an issue I have noticed with other mailing-lists: We will need a few users from gmail, gmx, yahoo, etc... to verify that emails coming from the list are not in SPAM (SPF/DKIM signatures could be a problem depending their handling by tuxfamily). Torvalds did complain a lot with Google (he uses gmail) when he noticed all kernel emails were in spam after a change on gmail server side (corrected since then, at least for him).

What do you think ?
Rectified by bodiccea 23/01/2017 09:59

Réponse n° 1
    - par favdb le 23/01/2017 12:05

ostorybook-dev mailing-list creation in progress. More information when the list is created.

Réponse n° 2
    - par bodiccea le 23/01/2017 14:01

Perfect ! I just hope everybody will agree smile

Réponse n° 3
    - par favdb le 23/01/2017 16:06

The mailing-list was created. To subscride, send an empty message with "subscribe"  in the subject to:

To get minimum of help about list engine, send an empty message with "help" in the subject to the same address.

The address of the list is:

To read the archives (in few days):

Réponse n° 4
    - par bodiccea le 29/01/2017 07:36

Apparently, I should be in the list from 2 email addresses:

I made a simple test, from both.

Could you check if there are some logs ?

Réponse n° 5
    - par admin le 29/01/2017 09:37

I removed the qq.com adress and added the gmail.com one.

Réponse n° 6
    - par bodiccea le 29/01/2017 10:38


Why removing the qq one ?

My question was: If my qq registration was correct, and a mail was sent to list, was it received ? Co'z only my qq email account has access to imap (therefore correct email formatting). This will be different when I come back to France.

Réponse n° 7
    - par bodiccea le 29/01/2017 16:03

Thanks, it seems to be working. The question now is: Did all developers register, so we stop using the forum for dev discussions ?

If yes, it would be good to update the developers' page, with instructions for the list usage...

Réponse n° 8
    - par bodiccea le 29/01/2017 16:48

The mailing-list archive page is still empty (at least 2 test emails should be in), I am not sure if it is normal (maybe a daily update, and not real-time ?)

Different subject: How to submit changes to web site pages ? I believe it is important to update the developers's page, which just doesn't allow to join, and to understand the basics...
Rectified by bodiccea 29/01/2017 16:59

Réponse n° 9
    - par bodiccea le 03/02/2017 12:11

I have a draft about GIT that I would like to submit to developers, but I believe nobody registered to the mailing list.

I also just started 2 other pre-drafts on (1) developers's readme.first, to replace the web site page, and (2) coding style, that will need to be validated too (maybe both ready tomorrow).

How to discuss such drafts ? This forum is not suitable. An option would be to branch on GIT, or worse to add them to master git branch, but again, not really suitable for any discussion (git is not a mailing list).


Réponse n° 10
    - par favdb le 03/02/2017 13:17

Comment discuter des brouillons et des projets? Il y a la mailing-list (nous ne sommes que trois inscrits, donc peu de trafic). Il y a le forum (ici). J'ai une préférence pour le forum, mais tu sembles plutôt préférer la mailing-list.

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