Hightlighting - 23/01/2021 13:43

The "highlighter" will make its appearance with version 5.05.04.

Bernard, who has joined the development team, suggested to allow to highlight a part of the text. Indeed, he uses this in his work as a writer to mark parts of his text that do not fit in with the do not satisfy. It allows him to spot them quickly.

I'm sure others would like to have such a device, it's why the "highlighter" function has been added. How to use it? Nothing very sorcerer. In the text editor you select a part of text and then press the "Highlight" button next to it. paragraph style. The text is then highlighted in yellow.

Throughout the GUI the text will be highlighted. But what happens when exporting? You have the choice, via the menu Export > Options, of what you want to get. The alternatives are:

  • ignore the highlighting: the highlighting tags will be purely and simply ignored, the text will return to its normal appearance.
  • delete the highlighted text: the concerned text will not appear. in export.
  • leave as is: the highlighted passages will be left as is, with the same rendering.

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