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Future version 5.01.00 - 01/07/2017 12:15

On September 1, 2017, except for special incidents, the next version 5.01.00 will be published. This will include the following developments:

  •     Adding the Typist Mode
  •     The special characters button is now in the editor tools
  •   modification of the Part editor (Notes are now on the Common tab)
  •     Addition of the edit button in the list of components of the editor
  •     Added the name of the external file in the Info view with a launch button
  •     Adding the Copy Strands
  •     Rewrite the copy dialog of the elements
  •     Access to the scene editor on right-click in column header of the "Characters by scene" view
  •     Centralization of view options
  •     View of optional memory occupancy in the status bar (via the Preferences)
  •     Addition of the possibility to force a line-break in the text
  •     Adding the page break option for exporting simple HTML file
  •     Added the "Narrator" filter in the Scenes table
  •     Addition of the possibility to renumber the scenes with a formula which include part number and chapter number
  •     Adding keyboard shortcuts to the editor (bold, italic, underline)

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