5.61 publication - 01/01/2024 00:18

Version 5.61 of oStorybook is officially available from today.

I wish you all the best for this new year (with or without oStorybook).

Publication of 5.60 - 01/09/2023 14:51

Version 5.60 of oStorybook is officially available from today. Among the new features you'll find an Idea-Box that you can share between all your projects.

I wish you all the best with oStorybook.

Version 5.59 of oStorybook is officially available as of today. Among the new features you will find:
- a "rereading" mode allowing you to annotate your text for possible corrections.
- a search function for synonyms/antonyms
- integration of the translation/customization of the Assistant
- possibility to "zoom" in your text (particularly useful for those who have a high definition screen)

I wish you a good continuation with oStorybook.

Release of version 5.05.08 - 01/01/2023 00:00

Version 5.05.08 is available. Here are the main changes:

- improved word search
- added keyboard shortcuts in the text editor (non-breaking space, hyphen, line break)
- added EPUB import as new project
- added wizard for Strands and Parts
- redesigned the wizard (XML format)

The french guide is here

5.05.07 publication - 04/09/2022 21:18

The new version 5.05.07 is available.

5.05.06 publication - 01/05/2022 10:10

oStorybook 5.05.06: what's new?

The first notable change is cosmetic. Indeed, the graphic theme manager has been modified, in particular to have a fully functional dark theme.

Then the other evolutions concern the resolution of some bugs and especially the addition of two features:
a) the Episodes tool: it was inspired by the publication of working notes by J.K. ROWLING, author of the famous Harry Potter series.
b) Storymap view: which allows you to visualize your story in the form of a map, a bit like the subway map.

5.05.05 Released - 01/01/2022 07:00

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 5.05.05. This version includes its usual lot of new features such as the strong improvement of import and export which aims to facilitate the work of those who use Word from Microsoft or Writer from LibreOffice.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year.

I'm still looking for contributors to write the documentation of the software, but rather than making a "pensum" difficult to assimilate I prefer documents, sometimes more targeted, and more "digestible". This is the occasion to propose you a little challenge: tell us how you use oStorybook. There is nothing to win, no big prize, just the pleasure of writing and sharing. I tried this exercise:

Chapter 1
What if oStorybook was a good meal in a restaurant? You feel like having a good meal in a restaurant. So you choose  carefully. You ask about the possibilities in your vicinity.
you don't really know your neighborhood, you look on specialized neighbourhood, you consult specialized Internet sites to determine what kind of to determine what kind of meal you could have, how to get there, and what other how to get there, the opinions of other customers. In short after a long cogitation you decide to go to this you decide to go to this brewery that promises you so much.

This first step led you to install oStorybook. No, it is not not to eat but to write the novel that has been nagging at you for so many you've been titillating for so many years.

So here you are, seated at your table. The waiter has kindly asked you in which language you would like to asked you in which language you would like to speak with him to compose your to compose your meal. This waiter is really nice, and on top of that he is is multilingual. He now shows you the menu to make your choice. In fact, after installing oStorybook, let's see what you are proposed.

The menu is rather small and simplistic. Let's start at the beginning. Your meal is a new meal, so we will choose to visit the "New project" section.

This is just a rough outline of what's on offer. Feel free to approach your narrative from a different point of view, such as a detective story, travel guide, science fiction novel, romance, etc.

See you soon.

(Translated with (free version))

Next release of 5.05.05 - 04/12/2021 11:23

The next version 5.05.05 should be released on January 1, 2022, so it will be your New Year's gift. This version will come with a lot of new features, including the extension of the possibility to use an office tool, such as Writer or Word, as an external text editor. These new features have improved all the export functions globally. Curiously, this version, which includes a lot of new functions, is considerably lighter since its size has been reduced by almost 5MB. This is due to the fact that some APIs have been abandoned in favor of a much better integrated specific programming.

Release of 5.05.04 - 04/09/2021 00:00

Version 5.05.04 is available.

Many changes have been made, but most of themmade, but most of them will be invisible to you since they concern the code itself. Indeed, the program has been modified to improve its readability while facilitating maintenance. Here are the evolutions that will be directly visible to you:
- the wizard is now fully functional
- graphical improvement for reports (dark colors)
- export of sheets (info view), with modification of the dialog
- export of the info view in HTML
- export of tables "as is" (visible columns only)
- added choice of color for the TimeEvent
- creation of the "Timeline" view
- added a parameter for truncation in the Tree view
- activated Web links (Read, Info, Memos and Editor views)
- reordering of the scene date (fixed, relative)
- added duration for a scene
- added duration for an event
- reactivation of undo/redo shortcuts with addition of buttons
- added stabylo to highlight a passage
- ability to switch from HTML to Markdown and back
- possibility to activate/deactivate the scenario mode option
- extension of scenario mode to all functions (scene table, scene editor)
- adjustable column width in the "Manage chapters and scenes" view

Hopefully these improvements will be useful for you.

Translated with (free version)

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