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10/01/2021 21:56
by rfk


after a longer while, I tried to upgrade from 5.04.05 to the most recent release (5.05.03). As a result, the program window does not display correctly (view builds very slow), and all descriptions entered (e.g., description for a character) lose their HTML formatting and are shown as a continous plain text. Re-adding the formatting (e.g., H1, H2, bold, italics, ...) changes the text within the running isntance of oStorybook, but upone reopening, all formatting is lost again.
Is this a known problem? What can I do?

PS: everything else unchanged, starting the old 5.04.05 on the same machine still works without problems.
Rectified by rfk 10/01/2021 21:58
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11/01/2021 12:10
by favdb



Can you send me your file?
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