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29/10/2016 15:19
by Anton



Hello!  Would the authors please assess the expediency of introducing such a functionality into their brilliant novel writing software piece? It is really cumbersome to investigate the lists (of scenes, characters, items, etc.) when they getting huge. Or, f.ex. you remember a thing by the note left in the description - but you cant locate this thing once when you need it just due to the lack of search and filter functions in the program. Please, add filtering and searching capabilities into the oStoryBook to make it the ultimate novel writing information system!  Thanks!
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Answer n° 1
30/10/2016 09:05
by bm56


I think it would be a good idea. When I use the "idea " functionality, I write a lot because I know I can export the list for future books.  But it's pretty difficult to locate the precise idea. Does the system allow this ? ( I guess - in my case -  it would be more clever to use the "Memo" functionality).
Thanks  for all !
Web site bm56
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Answer n° 2
30/10/2016 21:15
by favdb


Sure, it's a good idea. I think the next version has this one implemented. You'll have to tell me if this implementation is good enough. This will :
- ask you for words to search, only one of them would match
- ask for which object to seach for
The result is show as a dialog box with the list of all types of founded objects.

See these two screen-shot:

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Answer n° 3
31/10/2016 09:25
by bm56


Really good ! As far as I use this programm, this functionality is quite sufficient.e
Web site bm56
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