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22/01/2017 01:18
by bodiccea


Hi all,

Ant fails to build the project, with the following error:
  /path/build.xml:113: /path/dicts.all/dicts does not exist.

I understood the dictionnaries zip file is not necessary, but the build.xml file refers to a non-existent "dicts.all/dicts" subdir around line 113 :

Starting from line 107 (build.xml) we have:
Code :
        <target name="-post-compile">
<copy file="log4j.dtd" todir="${build.classes.dir}" />
<copy file="log4j.xml" todir="${build.classes.dir}" />
<copy file="actions.xml" todir="${build.classes.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}/dicts" />
<font color="#FF0000"><copy todir="${build.dir}/dicts" flatten="false">
<fileset dir="dicts.all/dicts/" /></font>
Any clue ?
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Answer n° 1
22/01/2017 07:18
by bodiccea


I was able to compile and run version 5.0.3, after having commented out the dicts issue:
Code :
br@galadriel:~/dev/oStorybook$ git diff build.xml
diff --git a/build.xml b/build.xml
index ff873d9..c73e453 100644
--- a/build.xml
+++ b/build.xml
@@ -110,9 +110,11 @@
<copy file="actions.xml" todir="${build.classes.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}/dicts" />
+ <!-- Commented our by br, Jan 22, 2017
<copy todir="${build.dir}/dicts" flatten="false">
<fileset dir="dicts.all/dicts/" />
+ -->
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}/resources" />
<copy todir="${build.dir}/resources" flatten="false">
<fileset dir="resources" />
Then I was able to build and run oStorybook as following:
Code :
br@galadriel:~/dev/oStorybook$ ant
br@galadriel:~/dev/oStorybook$ ant run
Note: I was not able to compile with "ant compile" command. I did not check carefully the build.xml, I am not sure which target should be used.

I suggest to add these ant commands in Developers page (maybe with a few more ant useful targets), as well as the way to get the source code in command line. For instance:
Code :
# create environment
mkdir oStoryBook-tmp
cd oStoryBook-tmp

# get the code
git clone git://

# extract libraries
mkdir code/lib
cd code/lib
unzip ../

# get rid of "code" subdir
cd ../..
mv oStoryBook-tmp/code oStoryBook
rmdir oStoryBook-tmp

I am not 100% of commands above, somebody should try them in a clean environment (network is too slow in China, it would take hours for me).

Other issue : there is a discrepancy between the libraries zip file in cloned repository and the one given by the link in Developers page (The first one below is coming from the link on Developers page, the second one is the repository one):
Code :
br@galadriel:~/dev/oStorybook$ ls -l ~/Downloads/
-rw-rw-r-- 1 br br 37472857 Jan 22 08:06 /home/br/Downloads/
-rw-rw-r-- 1 br br 39144257 Jan 21 17:51
They don't have exactly the same name too:
Code :
I believe the link version is wrong.
Rectified by bodiccea 22/01/2017 08:24
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Answer n° 2
22/01/2017 10:49
by jrebillat



I know it.Just copy the dicts directory where it is expected and all we be right. The build process has to be improved.
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Answer n° 3
22/01/2017 11:04
by bodiccea


There are just no dicts (or dics) directory at all in repository (after a "git clone").

And favdb told me in another thread that dics were not necessary anymore, and the link removed in developers's page.

So, I believe:
- either dicts entries in build.xml should be removed (what I made to be able to compile)).
- either they should be available again (with instructions to build, beside a simple zip, as with libraries)
Rectified by bodiccea 22/01/2017 14:31
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Answer n° 4
24/01/2017 22:30
by favdb


All lines refered to dicts are now commented in the build.xml.

Committed and Pushed.
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