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01/02/2017 02:28
by bodiccea


I was going to create a branch, however, as 80% is being used on tuxfamily, and my branch will implement quite big changes on some "blobs" (such as removal of, replacing them with jars), the whole git repository could suffer.

Note: If the choice is to move the repository somewhere else, Gna! is no more an option, they are closing the service (I had an old account there, for 1-2 projects I contributed to, it is time to keep a local copy, as even a read-only service is likely not to happen on Gna!).
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Answer n° 1
01/02/2017 13:01
by bodiccea


Note: I just want to make a few tests, before creating older branches (versions 4.XX 5.00.01, etc...).
If my tests work (doing backward branching, that I never did, having always branches in past), some current links in download area could be removed (git offers source tree zip/tar.gz/tar.bz2 for any commit, and especially fixed links for any branch, as you may know).

It should be noted that moving the libs jars directly in lib dir will save space too in repository (and save bandwidth/cpu), in very short term (one added/removed/changed lib will not imply a full zip/transfer/unzip for unchanged files for normal git operations).
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Answer n° 2
04/02/2017 09:33
by jrebillat



Concerning replacing the, we should look at maven. I am working on this for my job.
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Answer n° 3
05/02/2017 12:50
by bodiccea


Maven is a solution. I proposed an intermiadiate solution on mailing list, just keeping the jars/deleting the zip/deleting all IDE dependent  files...

But mailing list is refused, so : You will find there my proposals for cleanup, I will finish them (ANT.txt, GIT.txt, CODING-STYLE.txt). I wanted to remove also any dependency on any IDE in main tree (should be in doc), .but I won't

Take them or not, maybe they are useless. I wanted to make them coz' it is impossible to enter this project today (I felt that way).

Bye Bye.

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