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le 13/10/2015 07:46
par Cymru


Hello!My problem is similar to:Quotation : AntonHi,thank you.I aplogize my bad french again.When I add an 'Item' or 'Tag', I can only use short descriptions and notes. If I use only some words, they will be saved. If I edit the description again and add more text or a picture, the addings won't be saved. If I use a long text at the first time, nothing will be saved, not even the 'Name'.You can use this posting for testing. It is to long. If you copy this to the field 'Description' and give the 'Item' or 'Tag' a 'Name', nothing will be saved. It makes no different, if you say 'OK' or 'Add' at the first time.Anton Commenting before me and something happened with the 4.9.17 version but with the items and resolved with the latest version 4.10.

Now, the following has happened to me, I had divided the project into two parts and create another between Part 1 and Part 2. Create the first chapter of Part 1 and create the 1 scene of that chapter, I wrote the information and save. When I opened the program was not the scene, the have never put a couple of times but is not saved.To say that the chapter number is not repeated. Part One will Chapter 1 to 7. Part 2 of Chapter 8 to still do not know. Part 3 of renowned chapters have time as 31 to 33.
Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish
A greeting and thanks for this little gem

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le 13/10/2015 09:58
par favdb


You wrote : Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish

Write in your native language, we will arrange to understand and respond.

When using several parts be careful. The software does work on a portion at a time. An improvement was been requested to work simultaneously on all parts. Meanwhile, if you work on Part 1 you do not see scenes of Part 2. Check the Parts menu.
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