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le 02/08/2016 02:58
par MetalMick99


One thing I have noticed is the use of the term "Parts" within oStorybook.

"Parts" are neither scenes, chapters, nor Acts, although as you can see in the screengrab, they can be used as an Act:


- this shows the Tree, but strangely, the Parts I created were placed as subordinate to the main heading Scenes. In my example, I have labeled each Part as an Act, with Chapters, and then Scenes below them.

The manual (V4.03) for Storybook has this information:

"The structure of a book as used in Storybook:
• A book consists of one part or many parts.
• A part consists of one chapter or many chapters.
• A chapter consists of one scene or many scenes."

- it seems that the function of "Parts" has changed somehow and is perhaps less straightforward in use than it once was. Either that or I fail to understand its new purpose.

I can elect to show Parts in the Tree, but the Chapters and Scenes I created earlier and are still shown under "Scenes" and do not show in the Tree | Parts.

Have I missed something?
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