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le 10/08/2016 05:08
par warrl


I'm trying to get into an oStorybook file for better ability to share information with other authors in a shared world - the built-in data-export functions skip lots of fields, usually the ones I care about.

LibreOffice Base tells me it can load the driver okay, but then when I try to look at the tables the thing throws an error.

The H2 database console opens the database just fine, but only shows me the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables - the ones that exist in a brand new empty database.

Any ideas on why this is or how to get the actual oStorybook data to show up?

Software versions:
Linux Mint 18
oStorybook 4.10.03
H2 1.4.192 (1.4.189, which comes with oStorybook 4.10.03, gives the same result)
Site web warrl
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le 10/08/2016 07:05
par favdb


oStorybook is not designed for sharing work via a common file. You could play with the export SQL function, but there is no import sql function.
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