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le 12/04/2017 08:38
par DonEdwards


oStorybook 5.00.02 on Linux Mint 18

1. The charts "Appearances of characters by date", "Appearance of characters by scene", and "Who is where, when" are sized within their tab as if the tab has the full window width, even if there is another tab (such as the Tree) taking up part of that width. This causes the right-hand end of the chart to be unreachable.

2. Several dropdown lists are still unsorted. The ones I noticed are the Character dropdown in Item Assignments, Relationships, and Memoria.
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le 19/04/2017 20:02
par favdb



So, would you like to have a special export with BBcode? If yes, I can add it to the todo list. Then it would very simple to enter the text in HTML and the translate it in BBcode. I had thought of it, but no one had asked for it.
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